Saturday, July 15, 2006

Great Turnout for Wearing Tradition: Kimono!

We would like to send out a big thank you to everyone who helped make Wearing Tradition - Kimono a great success!

We ran two sessions, at 1pm and 4pm, in which Mineko Tanaka demonstrated the proper wearing of a kimono, as well as other Japanese traditions and customs. Sachi Rummel, one of our volunteers at the West Vancouver Museum, hosted a Japanese tea ceremony directly following the demonstration.

The event was a great success, and we would like to thank all of the participants, the volunteers, and our sponsors. Wearing Tradition - Kimono is the first in a series of events that will showcase traditional costumes worn in different cultures. We have not began planning the next installment of Wearing Tradition as of yet, but when we do you will be able to get all the information right here on the West Vancouver Museum blog!

The event began with a video and kimono wearing demonstration.

Mineko Tanaka instructed the audience in the proper wearing of a kimono while Kiriko Watanabe took questions from the audience and translated.

Tying the obi is an important part of the process, full of cultural significance. Mineko Tanaka's skill can be seen both front and back.

After the kimono demonstration participants were invited outside to the museum garden to take part in a Japanese tea ceremony, hosted by museum volunteer Sachi Rummel.

Sachi was assisted by many people, including West Vancouver Museum staff member and event organizer Kiriko Watanabe.

In following with Japanese tradition, participants drank Matcha tea from a bowl, with one hand placed on the bottom and the other hand placed on the side of the bowl.

Tickets were handed out at registration, and following the tea ceremony there was a prize draw.

Lucky winners received gifts from Mineko Tanaka, which she brought with her all the way from Japan.

Sorry you missed it? Today's kimono demonstration was a one time only event, but there is still plenty of time to register for one of the Japanese Tea Ceremonies, hosted by Sachi Rummel, that will be held at the West Vancouver Museum throughout the summer. Click here for more information!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to see this event and let me tell you, it was FABULOUS. I'm hoping to make it to one of the tea ceremonies!

Thanks for offering this!

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