Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Home & Garden Tour: A Great Success!

On Saturday, July 22, the West Vancouver Museum hosted a home and garden tour, which accompanies our current exhibit, Living on the Edge: West Vancouver Modernist Homes 1940-1970. Both tours were sold out and we had a fabulous time touring two houses: The Grinnell residence and the Plommer residences.

There was a lot of enthusiasm for this event and we would like to thank the current owners of the Grinnell residence and Plommer residence for opening up their homes and acting as tour guides!

Click on the information boxes for a bigger version, as well as other pictures we took of these beautiful homes during the tour!

Thanks again to the home owners, particpants, volunteers, and staff who made the Home & Garden Tour a success! We enjoyed it so much, we would like to do it again. We haven't planned anything yet, but when we do you'll find everything you need to know right here on the West Vancouver Museum blog!


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