Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Scottish Fiddler Coming to the West Vancouver Museum!

Angus MacKinnon will perform at the West Vancouver Museum as part of our Tea & Tour program on Wednesday, August 2nd. Mr. MacKinnon is an accomplished musician who has entertained audiences across the country with his music. We are delighted to have him play for us here at the West Vancouver Museum! During an interlude Mr. MacKinnon will also discuss the cultural significance of Scottish fiddle music and his own thoughts on preserving and maintaining the music in its traditional form.

The Tea & Tour will be held at the museum, which is located in the Gertrude Lawson House at 680 17th Street. Gertrude Lawson built the house in 1939 and intended that it would resemble a Scottish castle. The livingroom, which is now the museum gallery, was built big enough for three sets of Scottish dancers. This is an excellent opportunity to come out and hear traditional Scottish music in a setting that is reminiscent of Scotland!

The event also features a guided tour of the museum and its current exhibition, Living on the Edge: West Vancouver Modernist Homes 1940-1970. The cost for the event is 6.50 per adult and 5.20 per senior/student. For more information on the tea and tour program click here. To register call Darren Penner at 604.925.7295 or send him an email at

You can also use the Telereg or Webreg system to register for this event! Simply call 604.925.7475 or click here and enter tour code 310869.

So mark your calendars for Wednesday, August 2nd, and we'll see you at the West Vancouver Museum!


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