Thursday, July 20, 2006

Scottish Fiddler to Play in Museum Garden

On Wednesday, August 2nd, Angus MacKinnon will perform with his Scottish fiddle at the West Vancouver Museum, as part of our summer Tea & Tour Program. For more information on the event click here, or continue reading below to learn more about Mr. MacKinnon and some of the events he has played at!

The following information comes to us courtesy of Angus J. MacKinnon Consultants Limited:

Angus MacKinnon was raised on a sheep farm in the north of Scotland and in the forties and fifties with TV still in its infancy, the long winter nights were taken up with school work and music with the whole family involved.

Angus and his two sisters, Helen and Betty, were endowed with a musical family background as were most families of this time. The village hall was the bug of activities in most communities. In smaller areas the school house would be used as the ahll and most Friday and Saturday nights there would be a function somewhere. Whole families would attend and the entire evening would be for music, singing and dancing. This was a culture of music, song and dance with lowland Highland and Island influences - it told a story.

Some of this music had been adapted and influenced by France and Scandinavia. Due mainly to Scotland's close association with this area, both in commerce and long ago battles fought between the countries.

Historically, Ireland has been very involved over the centuries and the two cultures are very much entwined. Both have strong Celtic ties.

From this background of music and culture, Angus and his two sisters broadcast Scottish music from BBC Glasgow on radio, while still in their early teens.

Since coming to Canada in 1954 Angus has found that the music that he grew up with has stood the test of time and has allowed him to forge new friendships with people from all over the world. He has played Scottish music for Scottish Country Dancing Clubs throughout the United States and Canada, and toured extensively with his Scottish Variety Show, including singers, dancers, and pipers.

Angus has played with Killarney at the Blarney Stone in Gastown for the past twelve years. Any given night, especially on the weekend, one can bump into patrons who frequent this club from all around the world. They come for one thing - the music. As evidenced by continually large crowds, Killarney is truly one of the world's great folk bands with the emphasis or course, on the Irish and Scottish Cultures. Angus says it's a privilege to play with this band.

Members of the group are John Lynch, John Cronin, Mari Cronin, Mike Cronin, Terry Boyce, Stevie Ford, and John Knill.

The Campbell's - CBC-TV Syndicated Series (Toronto)
Morningside - CBC-Radio with Harry Brown (Toronto)
The Bob Mclean Show - CBC-TV Noon Hour Talk Show (Toronto)
The Robbie Burns Story - Massey Hall Theatre (Toronto)
The Andy Stewart Show - Massey Hall Theatre (Toronto)
Mariposa Folk Festival - Shared the main stage with Joan Baez, Woody Guthrie, Murray McLaughlin
Montreal Cultural Olympics (1976)
Canadian National Exhibition - Grandstand and Bandshell shows including the Scottish World Festival in 1972
Metro Caravan - Toronto - A two-week cultural extravaganza portraying music, song and dance by countries from around the world
Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta - Cultural festival
New York World's Fair - Cultural festival
The Far Shore - Award winning Canadian Movie - Based on the life story of Canadian artist Tom Tomson (a member of the legendary Group of Seven). Movie Premiere held at the Royal Ontario Art Galleries


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