Sunday, September 03, 2006

Halloween at the West Vancouver Museum

There are some great Halloween events happening at the museum this year. Mark your calendars now - they're sure to be frightfully good!

Enter If You Dare

This is a special Halloween exhibit that opens on Friday the 13th of October. Explore Halloween throughout the ages, from Celtic rituals and traditions to pop culture ghouls and legends. Hear spooky tales from our own region, and learn about local customs practiced on All Hallows Eve. Dracula, Frankenstein, the Headless Horseman, and all their friends help us to shed some light on the origins of today's popular images of Halloween. Why do we carve pumkins, trick or treat, and bob for apples? Find the answers to these and other creepy questions at the West Vancouver Museum this Halloween!

We have special hours during this exhibition! From October 13th to 31st we will be open Tuesday to Saturday between noon and 6pm. Don't miss it!


This is a speical event for kids at the Museum this Halloween!

Make boo-goo and other potions in our mad wizard laboratory. Other activities include ghost paintings, trick or treat bags, pasta skeletons, and pumpkin crafts. Spooky stories (but not too spooky) topped off with a treasure hunt through our very own Sleepy Hollow.

Times and dates are as follows. Make note of the code and register using telereg or webreg by clicking here.

1pm - 3pm, Saturday, October 21, 6-8yrs, $30, 351017
1pm - 3pm, Saturday, October 28, 6-8yrs, $30, 351019
5pm - 7pm, Saturday, October 21, 9-11rs, $30, 351018
5pm - 7pm, Saturday, October 28, 9-11rs, $30, 351021


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