Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hollyburn and Westlake lodges

The trails around Hollyburn and Westlake lodges on Hollyburn Mountain have attracted winter sports enthusiasts for over 70 years. In the early days, this winter paradise offered adventurous visitors willing to climb its steep slopes a variety of activities, including cross-country sking, snow shoeing and for the real risk taker, ski jumping!
Ski Jumper on the West Lake Hill. C. 1935 (31.123.WVA HRC)

Heritage Talks at the Museum
Topic: Hollyburn Ski Lodge, February 10, 1:30pm

Topic: Westlake Lodge, March 24, 1:30 pm

A group of hikers approaches West Lake Lodge C. 1935 (31.027.WVA.HRC)

Hollyburn Ridge Cross-Country Ski Heritage Tour
A cross-country ski tour of the Hollyburn Ridge area will be delivered by Donald on February 17th from 9 am. Please register in advance ($ 20 adult, $ 18 Senior) by calling the TeleReg (604 925 7475) or the Rec Center (604 925 7270) or visiting WebReg (webreg.westvancouver.ca). The program code for this tour is 351183. Participants, who will need to bring their own skiing gear, should be reasonably fit and be comfortable on intermediate level cross-country ski trails. Donald will meet you beside the Nordic Cafe near the cross-country parking.


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