Sunday, September 23, 2007

Halloween Festivities

Welcome to the Haunted Museum
Halloween exhibition on display at the Museum from October 13-31, 2007

Why do we carve pumpkins, trick or treat, and bob for apples?
Find the answers to these and other creepy questions at the West Vancouver Museum this Halloween. Explore Halloween throughout the ages, from Celtic rituals and traditions to pop culture ghouls and legends.

Make boo-goo and other potions in our mad wizard laboratory. Other activities include ghost paintings, pasta skeletons, and monster crafts. Spooky stories from our own region (but not too spooky) and insight into local customs practiced on Halloween, topped off with a treasure hunt through the Museum.

Halloween Programs for children

October 20 10 - 12 pm for age 6-8 Program # 425924

October 20 1 - 3 pm for age 9-11 Program # 425925

October 27 10 - 12 pm for age 9-11 Program # 425926

October 27 1 - 3 pm for age 9-11 Program # 425927

Call 604-925-7270 to Register

photo: West Vancouver Museum


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