Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hollyburn Lodge Cards

Three photographs (featured here) from the Hollyburn Heritage Society Collection have been reproduced as cards by the District of West Vancouver to raise awareness of the Hollyburn Lodge Restoration Project. This project represents many of our community's values, such as our commitment to the natural environment and to sustainably, and to our culture of outdoor recreation. The lodge restoration also provides an opportunity for us to rediscover and share our history, showcase our mountain environment, and guarantee that future generations will continue to experience this unique West Vancouver landmark. The restoration of the Hollyburn lodge is one of our Olympic Legacy projects.

These cards are available at the Museum Gift Shop.
$ 2 for one card and $ 5 for three cards.

Photos from Top to Bottom

West Vancouver Archives photo(0866 WVA HHS OOMM): Near the Hollyburn Pacific Ski Camp, Hollyburn Heritage Society collection, Ommund Ommundsen series, [192-]. Photo by Rudolph Verne and Oscar Pearson.

West Vancouver Archives photo (0746 WVA HHS BUR): Skiers on Hollyburn Mountain, Hollyburn Heritage Society collection, Fred Burfield series, [194-].

West Vancouver Archives photo (1045D WVA HHS KAL): Skiers on the peak of Hollyburn, Hollyburn Heritage Society collection, Nordal Kaldahl series, [193-].


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