Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Art Camps 2009

Another successful season of Art and Architecture Camps has come to an end at the West Vancouver Museum. During the month of July, the Museum's Education Coordinator ran three art camps where students dabbled in a variety of media including printmaking, sculpture and painting and were introduced to some local art history including the work of B.C. Binning and Gordon Smith.

Participants used a variety of materials to create sculptures like this camera here

A painting inspired the work of Jane Billaux

Architecture Camps 2009

Sketching Arthur Erickson's Law Courts from Robson Square

The end of July and August proved to be a busy months for our architecture camps. Due to popular demand and an overflow in registration the museum ran four sessions of the program this summer. The participants visited the B.C. Binning House in West Vancouver and studied a variety of buildings downtown Vancouver including the Marine Building, the Vancouver Convention Center, and Arthur Erickson’s Robson Square and Law Courts while creating floor plans and architectural models to scale of their dream homes. The participants had a chance to develop public speaking skills while they presented the finished model to their peers.

Dream house presentations

This summer we saw many talented and creative designers and each dream home possessed unique features. For example here is an excerpt from a camp participant's presentation:

“This is The Water House!!! You might be asking why it is called The Water House. It is not that it is made out of water, but when I was designing my house, I mainly concentrated on water. Like on the roof, see this little ramp here? There is a hole in the middle of the ramp where rain water goes in and gets filtered and goes to the toilets. The rest goes to the gardens.”

- Summer Architecture Camp participant

Group project: City Planning

Coming down the stairs in Robson Square

Admiring the details on the Marine Building including.

Drawing inside B.C. Binnings house